Board & Train

Your dog will stay in our indoor, climate controlled facility, working 4-5 sessions per day for their food. They will be taught loose leash walking, sit, down, wait, place and come when called.

How the Program Works

Your dog will stay with me in my indoor climate-controlled facility, I teach loose leash walking, sit, down, come when called, wait and a place command, and any behavior modification like jumping, and door running.


How my program works, your dog will get to work 4-5 sessions a day. This does not include turnouts and playtime. I work with them for their kibble.


The goal is to build a relationship and confidence in making good choices. During weeks 2 and 3, I encourage you to come in for sessions up to 3x a week included in the program.


The reason, I need you to come in at least 1x a week, I have a lot to teach you, and I want you and your dog to be comfortable and confident in working together.


For a smooth switch going home, I want you to be confident in understanding how to set yourself and your dog up for success even when I'm not around.

After Take Home

You’ll be able to attend 6 group lessons, I want to make sure training continues to go well.


This is for you to understand how to work through controlled stress, including people and dogs. You will become confident in how to handle the public environment.


You have the obedience you have always wanted and the foundation to continue to the next levels if you want. You can also work towards your first title!


When you are ready we will do a CGC test, Canine good citizen. This shows your dog is social and under control and that you have put the work in to become a working team!

Pricing is variable

The Board & Train Program is a 3 week long course with you joining up 3 times a week. The price also incudes 6 sessions of group lesson post take-home. Pricing is based on age of dog and if there are any major problems to tackle.

˚All dogs need proof of current vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Show up for a class

Come see what we’re all about. Stop by for a class and get to know everyone!


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